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Oeuf NYC

Oeuf NYC - это эко- и социально ответсвенная компания, специализирующаяся на производстве вязанных (вручную) изделий из шерсти Перуанской Альпаки и органического хлопка. У компании есть манифест, которому из сезона в сезон Oeuf остается верна - Be Good   Be good designers. Simple, clean, intuitive products that are easy and safe to use; made with quality craftsmanship that will last from generation to generation;  designed with a European sensibility that is fun and stylish, reflecting the needs and lifestyle of today’s families.   Be good people. Respect the people who work with us and treat them fairly whether employees, artisans, retailers or consumers. Provide a safe and supportive  working environment that allows working families to live and thrive in the United States, Europe and abroad. Honor cultural traditions, diversity  and local values. Pay people living wages that enable them to live healthy and fulfilling lives and send their own children to school.   Be good to the planet. Use natural, renewable, recyclable materials that emphasize conservation and lead to environmentally sound products.  Employ eco-conscious manufacturing processes that promote sustainability.   Be Good is not just something we say, it’s something we mean. As parents, we want our children to inherit a world that is better than we found it.  As Oeuf, we have the ability to make that happen.

Фильтр по цене:
Размер одежды
Свитер Monster 4805.00грн.2642.75грн.
Свитер Kitty 3162.00грн.1739.10грн.
Свитер Fox 3162.00грн.1739.10грн.
Свитер Bamby 4805.00грн.2642.75грн.
Комбинезон Pigeon 5022.00грн.2762.10грн.
Брючки Moonie 4092.00грн.2250.60грн.